I've come to burn your kingdom down, holy water cannot help you now
secrets revealed,
My name is Sharon, but what’s in a name? Would it make a difference if I was called Janus? Perhaps, but it is all I have, my name. You don't love Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah or Jurassic Park more than me.

The age is 19, an age of awkward decisions and unparalleled, vicious energy but with equal parts staggering lethargy. What to do, what to do?

My location is not of importance, but I will tell you anyway. I live in the land that is too big to be an island or a mere country. We have BBQs and insanely high alcohol tolerance.

This blog is my haven - a blog to fill with everything that is mine and adored by me. The content is self explanatory; though if true originality is what you seek, you are a few thousand years too late.

Enjoy your stay and come speak to me because I enjoy good conversation more than the next person, I assure you. However, my brain is (un)fortunately blessed with the ability to think, so I have strong opinions. Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes. Enjoy your time here, spend it wisely.
tell me your dreams,